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Foo Bar

Cound, if one need state it simply, is a toy. when you begin to play with it, it changes from being a toy, into a toy which becomes a game. This game, in essesnce, is composed of the colours which are created from the perception of wavelengths of light which reach our eyes.

Even though in general an analogy of low frequency and high frequency sounds heard by our ears is made for colours, contrary to sound perception, different light frequencies which arrive at the same time, cannot be perceived by different channels ( in other words, an eye cannot make a frequency analysis ), therefore even though we can hear high pitch and low pitch sounds without mixing them up with each other at the same time, since our eyes are not capable of this " multiple sonance ", different light frequencies can only be perceived in combinations. Cound is a game which allows us to perceive colours with multiple sonance, where we affix ears to our eyes.

What does it mean affixing ears to our eyes ? Cound is a game, where colours enter, we play, and sounds come out. A game where colours maintain their essences as they transform and are represented. 7 balls for 7 main colours. With the means of these balls, we hear the frequencies of these main 7 colours directly through one channel, as well as hearing the transitional tones between these 7 colours translated through RGB coding from 3 sound channels by different midi notes. As playing with the balls, hiting them to the walls and moving them, We roam through octaves and we manipulate frequencies and notes by the rules of pentatonic, harmonic and artificial harmonic scales. By he help of reverb, echo, chorus and pan filters we explore an ambience that we have created and experience new sensations through perceiving colors with bass and shrill tones. Cound transformes colors that we see with our eyes into acoustic objects. Balls our orchestra and we become the maestro. The interaction with cound transforms into a kinesis shuttling between wakefulness and dream, being active and passive, turmoil and serenity. We find ourselves in a game that we make pictures with sounds of colors that we see through our ears paint the auricular space..

Foo Bar

2010, May–

– installation, computational, chuck, open frameworks, sound, colors, generative